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Sakellaris Koutouzis

I was born in 1950. Since my childhood, my family and the social environment of my birthplace, Kalymnos island, realized my vocation towards sculpture. Later, close to relatives that were sculptors, and also in private schools in Athens I attended art classes and courses on sculpture techniques and today I am a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts. Simultaneously I studied mathematics and I am a graduate of the Mathematics department of the National University of Athens.

  After graduation, I have spent many years in studying History of Art as well as the work of the great artists of sculpture individually, such as Phidias, Praxiteles, Michelangelo and Rodin. The magnificent sculpture collections, hosted in museums helped me as references, but also as unique companions in my quest for a deeper contact with art.

In 1980 I returned to Kalymnos, where I still live and work, teaching mathematics while maintaining sculpture workshop. Since 2008 I also maintain ‘Nautilus’ Sculpture Gallery. 

  Bronze is my favorite material. My work became known through exhibitions and presentations in printed and electronic media, and many of my creations are hosted in private collections all over the world in museums and galleries, but also as public monuments in Greece ( Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes Athens, Kiato etc.) and also in… China. Some of my artworks have been choosen and participated in International Art Meetings.

  My own personal preference is representational art, integrated into the modern era. I seek to convey the essential truth of the matter that inspires me with the expressiveness of the human body, respecting the integrity of the overall shape, and serving to an extent figurative expressionism.

  I believe that modern figurative sculpture is a natural continuation of the classical values of sculpture with several radical interventions. The overall upset of the human history in the twentieth century greatly influenced the Arts, which are already evolving by integrating significant concepts that emerged during the century of crises and by leveraging modern materials, new procedures and new innovative techniques.

  Nowadays I am really glad to share my work with the global audience through participating in the broader dialogue of artistic exhibitions, either individual or together with other artists.

  My wife Helen, born in Australia, is the last 32 years the important invisible appearance in my art. Our four children, all living in Greece, have chosen a variety of careers – philologist and sculptress, chef in gourmet kitchen, naval engineer, and the youngest, still a student is looking to follow architecture.