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Nikolaos S. Matsaniotis

Activities in the decade "2003-2013" in public places.

2003: Solo exhibition in Rhodes, Dodecanese.

2003: Group exhibition in Kalymnos, Dodecanese.

2003: Monument of "Poseidon" -Mastichari-Kos. (statue height 2.00 m)

2004: Construction of the war memorial of the Municipality Dikeou - Kos. (statue height 2.20 m)

2005: Solo exhibition in Patmos, Dodecanese.

2005: Solo exhibition at ‘Hotel Neptune Resort’ in Kos.

2006: Monument honoring Dodekanissian politician Stelios Kotiadis. (statue height 1.00 m)

2006: Monument honoring the Kalymnian sponge diver at the airport of Kalymnos. (Statue height 1.70 m)

2007: Group exhibition in the hotel "Kypriotis» Kos.

2007: War memorial honoring the fallen officers during the Imia crisis in Kalymnos. The project was funded by the Ministry of National Defence. (Cluster of three busts and two statues)

2008: Solo exhibition at the Cultural Foundation "Ionic Centre" in Athens.

2008: Monument to in honor of the doctor Sakellarios Zervos, in Kalymnos. (Bust height 0.90 m)

2008: Establishment of Sculpture Gallery Nautilus in Kalymnos.

2009: A monument to honor the Kalymnian painter Sakellarios Maglis,- Kalymnos. (Bust height 0.70 m)

2010: Monument to in honor of the the late Bishop of Kos Mr. Nathaniel - Kos. (Bust height 0.80 m)

2010: Solo exhibition at the "Athens College" in Athens.

2011: Invitation to the 12th International Symposium of Sculpture in Changchun- China. Project "the praying monk" height 4.80 meters.

2011: Memorial in Zurich, Switzerland, honoring Carl Gustav Jung. (Statue height 1.50 m and height 0.50 m Bust)

2012: Invitation to the 13th International Symposium of Sculpture in Changchun, China. Project "The Olympic Torch Relay 'height 3.00 meters.

2012: Memorial to honor the Academic and professor of Pediatrics Nicholas Matsaniotis. (Statue in Kiato, Corinth height 2.20 m and bust in the Children’s Hospital. Aghia Sophia, Athens - height 0.70 m)

2013: Group exhibition at the Municipal Cultural Center "Aktaeon" in Rhodes.

2013: Under construction: for the International Hippocratic Foundation of in Kos, titled "Hippocrates cures the patient." (cluster statues height 2.00 m)